Light is Color

Book Cover of Light is Color

How is a lightning bug’s light different from the light of an iPad? What does Betelgeuse have to do with an armpit? Why do rainbows always appear in the same colors? What does eating, breathing, and not dying have to do with plants being green? If sugar has solar energy, then why don’t you need to wear sunglasses when you look at a candy bar? Discover the answers to these questions and more in this comic (and coloring and activity) guide to visible and invisible things! Pick up your copy of Light is Color today!

Aligned to the 4th-8th Next Generation Science Standards. And winner of 4 educational book awards! Irreverent and informative, funny and functional, Light is Color was created by a team of dedicated educators and science communicators. This book was recognized in the top education, activity book, children’s picture book, and middle reader categories.

Light is Color Contents

102 pages, 12 chapters, and 13 assessment activities. Topics include transmission, reflection, and refraction of light waves. Transparency, translucency, and opacity. Convex and concave lenses. The electromagnetic spectrum, prisms, and wavelengths. Additive and subtractive color in art. The transfer of heat energy. The process of photosynthesis. STEM careers.

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