At Aducate Digital, we understand that the best way to learn is to understand the why behind a concept. That’s why we create resources focused on instructional design and effective communication. We love to write and synthesize information. Our favorite method is visually communicating complex topics with humor – through books and graphic novels!

Our books are designed to help readers go from feeling overwhelmed and confused to confident and successful in their business endeavors. The resources are crafted with love by a team of dedicated educators and communicators. And the hard work has paid off with recognition and awards.

In addition to our books and written content, we also are skilled artists and visual communicators. We are dedicated to translating complex topics into a more visually engaging format. Through our work as an instructional designers, we have perfected our skills in using humor to translate complex topics.

Learn more about Aducate Digital’s journey here. Flip through our infographics and other work here. Explore our available books below to see the impactful award-winning learning tools we’ve created!

Book Cover of Uh Oh, It's Working! What Now?!

Uh Oh, It’s Working! What Now?!

Read “Uh Oh, It’s Working! What Now?! The illustrated guide to streamlining and scaling your small business” today! This book provides a humble and straightforward

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Book Cover of Light is Color

Light is Color

How is a lightning bug’s light different from the light of an iPad? What does Betelgeuse have to do with an armpit? Why do rainbows

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Book Cover of How to Read A Rock

How to Read a Rock

Have you ever wanted to read a rock? We’re guessing probably not. But after reading this comic, you may change your mind. How to Read

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