How to Read a Rock

Book Cover of How to Read A Rock

Have you ever wanted to read a rock? We’re guessing probably not. But after reading this comic, you may change your mind.

How to Read a Rock: A Graphic Novel on Ocean Science tells us how much scientists have learned about the Earth through scientific ocean drilling. In this process, scientists bring up rocks from under the seafloor to study them. 

This is a true story. Told in the goofiest way possible. 

Learn how scientists read rocks from under the seafloor that helped them tell the story of one of the most cataclysmic events of the last 20,000 years! 

And with thanks to funding from the National Science Foundation – it’s free to download! Written with 5-9th graders in mind, this graphic novel is a fun introduction ocean science. The graphic novel is available as a PDF digital download that can be read on any device with a screen. That includes tablets and interactive whiteboards. Perfect for the classroom!

Aducate Digital is uniquely suited to create approachable, impactful, and resilient collateral. This was a great project for our science communication and instruction design skills. Download this FREE comic today!

How to Read A Rock Science Standards

5th Grade: Earth Systems

6-8th Grade: Earth’s Place in the Universe, Earth’s Systems, Motion and Stability, Forces and Interactions

9th-12th Grade: Earth Systems, Motion and Stability, Forces and Interactions, Matter and its Interactions

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