Our Research Tools are designed to empower small business owners in the service and trade industries to effectively define and enhance their brand identity. Based on qualitative and quantitative insights, these free self-assessment tools will help you better understand how humans make decisions.

And, with a better understanding of your target audience, you can craft a narrative that resonates with those who matter most.


Small Business Research Tools

These free tools offer a DIY-approach to market research. Use these resources and templates to discover your brand archetype, define the personality of your target audience, calculate a marketing budget, and more.

Pull together an effective market report based on the strategic insights you’ll discover with these tools. Looking for one-on-one guidance? Schedule a free consultation today.

When you gather information about your potential customers, competitors, and the overall business environment, you’re conducting market research. This information helps you make big budget decisions with ease.

Tailor your service to meet the needs of your target audience. By understanding their preferences, you can easily attract your ideal client and communicate with them on their level.

Head to our advice page for additional free templates, tips, and DIY insights.

Your Brand Identity consists of two parts: the verbal and the visual. Your Verbal Brand Identity consists of your mission, vision, and core values. The Visual Brand Identity includes your logo, brochures, website design, pitch decks, and so on. Check out Our Work and Case Studies pages for brand identity examples.

The first step in creating a strong brand identity is to deeply understand human behavior. How does your target audience make decisions? Who do they trust? What will make your brand stand out in their mind?

These self-assessment tools will help you define your target audience. The next step is to take these insights to form a compelling brand story.

Head to our Managed Services page to find more tips for branding tips for service providers.

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