Uh Oh, It’s Working! What Now?!

Book Cover of Uh Oh, It's Working! What Now?!

Read “Uh Oh, It’s Working! What Now?! The illustrated guide to streamlining and scaling your small business” today! This book provides a humble and straightforward approach to ambitious marketing concepts. These topics work whether you’re teaming up with a marketing agency or tackling it all yourself.

Learn how to ask the right questions. Use data to hold your marketing accountable. Eliminate imposter syndrome and converse with confidence while you scale your small business.

Success in business will come from your ability to self-reflect and adapt. Go from “Ugh” to “Aha!” with Uh Oh, It’s Working! What Now?!

Book Contents

132 pages, 5 sections, 28 chapters.

Sections 1-3 explain The Why. Content in these chapters give an overview to marketing theories. Sections 4 and 5 explain The How. These chapters provide the scaffolding to form your business strategies.

This book is part reference guide and part journal. Some pages have QR codes leading to helpful resources. Others have open areas for taking notes. Each page has a column of text for the in-depth learner and a column with a doodle for the visual learner. TL;DR stands for Too Long; Didn’t Read. There’s one of these on most pages too. A Cheat Sheet is also included at the end of each section. We see you, skimmers.

To access step-by-step tutorials, check out our website at aducatedigital.com. The Resource Round Up section condenses this content into single page infographics. If you want to dive deeper, we’ve included a detailed Works Cited list.

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