2022 Year in Review. Look at us Grow!


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Our second year in business can be summed up in one word: Efficicent. Navigate economic downturns with efficient solutions.

Aducate Digital creates resilient, engaging, and accessible brands by educating small business owners (SMBs) in the mechanics of marketing. Our mission is to help people help people. We work exclusively with the service support industry. We nurture businesses that deliver quality service to diverse communities. And 2022 was no exception! Let’s take a deep dive into our 2022 Year in Review!

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Aducate Digital creates resilient, engaging, and accessible brands by educating small business owners in the mechanics of marketing.

Educating SMBs in Advertising Efficiency

If last year’s theme was Purposeful marketing, this year is: Efficient marketing.

The uncertainty of a recession leads to uneasy budgets. Add in the ambiguity of the ROI, it’s easy to understand how marketing is usually the first line item cut. We also understand that as small business owners in a growth mindset, it’s difficult to navigate these waters with confidence. That’s why we spent 2022 focused on creating effective low-effort/cost and high-impact marketing solutions.

This starts with helping you understand your brand and goals. Step one is to articulate your value to your target audience. Step two is identifying each touch point in the customer journey. Then, you can figure out what to post on Facebook. We’ll help you zoom out to zoom in.

A few client success stories of this in 2022:


  • We completed a website refresh for ABA Spectrum Therapy. This ABA therapy provider gives families with children on the autism spectrum a collaborative space to learn and grow.
  • We’ll continue to support the team with SEO management and content marketing.


  • We assisted Guardian Computer with a new podcast series to reach new audiences.
  • Outsourced: The GC Podcast talks all things enterprise technology with the hopes of enabling experts to learn from other experts.


We illustrated a graphic novel! How to Read a Rock tells us how much scientists have learned about the Earth through scientific ocean drilling.

Thanks to funding from the National Science Foundation, it’s free to you! Download a copy here.

Accessible Metrics. Tangible Outcomes.

We added two new social platforms to our strategy this year (Twitter and Facebook). Each channel shares different content.

  • Instagram focuses on behind-the-scenes information
  • Linkedin shares our authentic authority and B2B strategies
  • Twitter is our repository marketing resources for your business
  • Facebook is all of the above!

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In addition to our social channel strategy, we also sent 7 newsletters this year to a growing and engaged audience. Our monthly emails are loaded with free resources and helpful tools to improve your marketing. Check them out below. Sign up for our newsletter in the footer below.

Being a Resource

We redesigned our website in 2022 with a focus on user experience. Our resource driven content means we deliver quality blogs, free content, and advice to help you run your business. Check out the blogs and infographics from this year.

Looking Ahead

Aducate Digital is ready to jump into 2023 with many exciting projects! This includes new free online and in-person webinars through SCORE Small Business Association in Austin. We’ll also offer new SEO-cetric service lines including backlink reports, marketing research, and competitor analysis.

And, we are most excited to conduct a quarterly Instagram Giveaway Contest in 2023! Connect with us to stay in the loop!

Our promise to you:

We will continue energizing small business owners to embrace their “why.”

Our mission is to help small businesses owners with marketing knowledge to make informed decisions.

We will guide owners through the crossroads into organizational maturity and sustainably growth.

Wishing you a season full of cheer and a breakroom full of beer!

Happy Holidays from Aducate Digital.

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