What is Marketing?


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You are a small business owner unable to assess the value of marketing.
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Your marketing budget has ballooned out of control. Concepts are confusing and ambiguous.
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Successful marketing lives at the intersection of Art, Science, and Strategy. Odds are, you tried to pick the Art piece before identifying your Strategy. And no Science to back it up.

Marketing shouldn’t be ambiguous or confusing. If you’re going to spend money on it, you deserve an advisor who commits to your success.

Aducate Digital is the antithesis of your typical marketing agency. Our goal is to empower you through education in KPIs tied to your data.

A poor experience with marketing agencies in the past is likely because they didn’t take the time to hear you. You may have had to direct them, while they executed. As a result, your activities were less than impressive because they weren’t aligned to your goals.

But they’re supposed to be the experts, so why didn’t it work?! This process can make the business owner feel confused and embarrassed to ask questions. That’s not how we operate.

So, let’s get down to the basics: what is marketing? Or more importantly…


What is Successful Marketing?

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Strategy uses Art supported by Science to execute a plan for sustainable growth.

Successful marketing lives at the intersection between art, science, and strategy. Art is your graphic design elements. This could include things like social media posts, brochures, a website, your logo, and so on. This alone, isn’t marketing.

The second piece of the puzzle is Science. You may have heard the term data science or data analytics. To better understand the results of your marketing activities, you can connect trackers. These trackers collect metrics to identify trends.

For example, you can attach a Google Analytics account to improve website content. This will track how visitors engage with your individual webpages. Adding keywords that your audience searches for improves a blog post. That process is called Search Engine Optimization.

Individually, art and science aren’t marketing. Art and Science are activities that support your marketing. But for impactful ROI you need the third element: a strategy.

Strategy is using art pieces tied to science to execute a plan for sustainable growth. For example:

  1. A blog post (strengthened by SEO),
  2. Is promoted on your social media (capturing an engagement rate),
  3. Which drives traffic to your website (as seen by your Google Analytics account),
  4. Encouraging people to fill out a form (feeding your CRM software)
  5. Allowing you to keep the lead warm through a monthly newsletter
  6. With the goal of converting a qualified client.

Finding a strategy best suited to your goals is our specialty.

Aducate Digital is Your Strategic Marketing Partner

Our clients succeed because we have their best interests at heart. A strong relationship is built on transparency and a shared vocabulary.

We use this information to define measurable goals so you can hold us accountable. Our custom-tailored approach allows us to provide accessible metrics and tangible outcomes.

SMBs Ready to Scale

We work with small to mid-sized businesses that are bursting at the seams and ready to scale.

These are businesses that have a “jack of all trade” owners who just can’t do everything on their own anymore. But before easing up on that control, they’re looking for that trusted advisor to offload some tasks. Aducate Digital is your trusted advisor.

If this describes you and your business, give a call! We’d love to help streamline your processes so you can scale efficiently. Schedule a free consultation today.

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