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You are a franchise owner with an inflated marketing budget.
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Overwhelmed with the resources provided by the franchise HQ.
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Take control of your franchise business by avoding common pitfalls.

Are you a small business owner struggling to find your place within the franchise brand? Were you given access to CRM software but no training on how to use it? Are you given social media posts that seem vague and don’t get the likes you want? When you ask to make a change to your website, are you encouraged to upgrade your subscriptions? Has your marketing budget ballooned out of control?

If so, you might be a floundering franchise owner.

Strategize to Localize

Franchisors provide a wealth of resources to help get you up and running. Specific to marketing, the franchisor knows it’s all a numbers game. If you spend money on marketing, you will attract leads. The faster you get leads, the easier they can validate their “support” fees.

 But what is the quality of these leads? How do you assess the return on your marketing investment? If you had to do it own your own, would you know how?

Any small business first grows through word-of-mouth marketing. Your local network will want to work with you personally. They don’t necessarily care about the national identity. How do you translate the nationally branded resources to your local community? That’s where the franchisor will come up short.

The Small Business Tortoise and the Franchisee Hare

Owning a franchise will certainly help you dart out of the gate. But at a certain point, these national level techniques will plateau. Knowing how to adapt and attract quality leads is essential to your success. Unfortunately, by the time you realize this, the stakes are higher. Untangling the knots are more costly and time consuming.

On the other end, you have the small business owner who seemingly putzed along at a slower pace. They didn’t have the national resource bank or funds to go big right away. They had to step on a few landmines and learn how to quickly adapt. The benefit of going slow is they made these mistakes when the stakes were low. Small business owners that push through these obstacles are more agile and secure.

The franchisee hare skipped the first 15 steps and now must learn to adapt. The small business tortoise made it through the fire and will reap the rewards.

The Franchisee Framework

If you find yourself in this situation, fear not. Our new service for owners backed by national resources lacking the localized connection. Our role here is part business coach and part local brand director. We aim to give you the training wheels needed to take control of your business.

Working within the franchise brand, we’ll develop your authentic localized story brand. We’ll provide the strategies you need to future-proof your marketing. Take control of your business by understanding the processes needed to run it. Utilize resources provided by your franchisor with the proper training.

Learn more about our assessment services tailor made for franchisees.


“Aducate Digital is the best money we’ve ever spent. Nicole has done more to help us understand our business than any training provided by [the franchisor]. We now have the vocabulary and tools needed to assess our marketing ROI. And we can start to take control of our swollen marketing spend.

After one hour, we have a better sense of what our processes should look like. And more importantly, we now have the confidence and knowhow to get there.”

Katrina P. & Anna S. – Owners of PMI Austin Experts
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