How to Scale Your Small Business


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Identify leaks in your processes, automate repetitive tasks, and scale your small business by mapping the customer journey and sales pipeline.

Are you struggling to scale your small business? It seems strange to your business brain. A customer spent hours looking through a website and adding products to a cart. Only to abandon the tab.

Maybe they were searching for quotes. Or, maybe they were using their cart as a future wish list. Maybe they were ready to buy but saw something disturbing at the last second. Who knows.

Without getting in the headspace of that customer, it’s hard to know the real reason. But a customer journey map will allow you to understand as much as possible.

Mapping the Customer Journey

The customer journey is a visual storyline. It tracks every engagement a customer has with your brand. It covers the path from the customer’s awareness of your brand to becoming a user.

Think about your own shopping experience. You didn’t wake up and decide to buy on a whim. You went through a process to become aware, research, and buy. What was the final deciding factor for you?

This visual helps you understand each interaction with your brand. With the journey mapped out, you can identify patterns and repeat your successes.

The customer journey is similar to a Sales Pipeline. To avoid spinning your wheels with leads, you want to fill your pipeline with quality.

Filling Your Pipeline with Qualified Leads

The return on your marketing investment feels ambiguous if you have a leaky pipeline. You need defined processes. Without them, it’s hard to determine your success rate of converting a prospect into a client.

If you can’t easily determine this conversion ratio, it’s hard to replicate success.

A Sales Pipeline is another visual summary. This measures the available and upcoming sales opportunities. It tells you how close a prospect is to closing.

 Why is it important to map these out?

Both the Customer Journey and Sales Pipeline help:

  1. You see the leaks in your pipes.
  2. Identify repetitive tasks that you could automate.
  3. Because THIS is marketing!

Quality over Quantity

Quality is more important than quantity in your Customer Journey and Sales Pipeline.

How do you attract quality leads to the topline of your funnel? That’s the role of a solid social media plan.

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