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PMI Austin Experts is a full-service real estate asset management company that provides professional property management services.
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An individually owned franchise located in Austin, TX.
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The franchise owners have access to corporate resources, but they are not tailored to their local audience.


PMI Property Management, INC. is a full-service real estate asset management company that provides professional property management and real estate brokerage services.

PMI Austin Experts is a franchise location owned and operated by Katrina Pruitt and Anna Sanchez. As franchise owners of a national brand, they has access to vendors and resources provided by the corporate office. While these resources are useful, they lack a localized message. As a result, the corporate marketing solutions fail to capture PMI Austin’s value add to local prospects. Additionally, the corporate solutions lack effective training to implement properly. This has resulted in a bloated marketing spend and ambiguity on sales processes.

Aducate Digital recommended focusing on big picture strategy while addressing immediate concerns. A framework structured the assessment. Strategy meetings and deliverables were divided into three categories within this framework.


Final Report

A final marketing strategy assessment was synthesized in a report. The assessment clarified marketing processes and best practices. The report included action items and next steps for implementation.

This partnership was an ideal collaboration. Anna and Katrina’s integrity and desire to solve real problems for clients is an honor to witness. Their strength, determination, and ability to self-reflect is indicative of a bright future ahead for PMI Austin Experts.



Aducate Digital is the best money we’ve ever spent. Nicole has done more to help us understand our business than any training provided by [the franchisor]. We now have the vocabulary and tools needed to assess our marketing ROI. And we can start to take control of our swollen marketing spend.

After one hour, we have a better sense of what our processes should look like. And more importantly, we now have the confidence and knowhow to get there.”

Katrina P. & Anna S. – Owners of PMI Austin Experts

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