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Discover insights on topics such as email marketing, key performance indicators (KPIs), social media, search engine optimization (SEO), or website design and development. For general marketing concepts to support the overall health of your business, read the articles tagged with brand development or business development. Some of our articles also include templates you can download and use in-house. These are listed with the Tools tag.

Aducate Digital has a sharp eye for what works in today’s digital marketing landscape. We also understand that what works today may not work tomorrow. Our advice articles will help you keep an eye on emerging technologies and marketing tools. Contact us to receive our quarterly newsletters for regular updates.

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News & Events

Certified: Hubspot Marketing Software

I am excited to announce my Hubspot Marketing Software certification! This certification highlights my software proficiency to create and implement a cohesive inbound marketing strategy. Aducate Digital designs authentic and accessible instructional design content to scale your business. Learn more today.

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Why is My Business Not Showing on Google Maps?

Google Maps: you use it all the time to confirm the address of a new location, to search for nearby restaurants, and to read the reviews of said restaurants. And now that you’re incorporated with the state, why isn’t your business showing up on searches? The most common reason is probably because…you haven’t set it up! Learn how in this blog!

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FREE e-Comic! How to Read a Rock

Aducate Digital is stretching our instructional design skills in graphic novel format! Download this FREE comic thanks to funding from the National Science Foundation!

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How to Conduct a Social Media Audit

Sure, audits can be fairly time consuming, but the good news is it’s a “one and done” deal. If you put the effort in on the front end, you probably won’t need to conduct another one for quite a while. My hope is that by the end of this article you will not only know how to conduct a social media audit for your small business, you’ll have an appreciation for this useful tool.

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News & Events

Celebrating My Award Winning Graphic Novel!

Read the 4 time AWARD-WINNING BOOK!! Light is Color recently received the accolades from 3 separate indie-publishing award shows! Kurtoonz Studios is thrilled to announce that our book has won: Top Education category with the Indie Reader Discovery Awards Finalist in the Activity Book AND Children’s Picture Book categories with the Next Generation Indie Book Awards Honorable Mention in the Middle Reader category with the Eric Hoffer Awards! Come celebrate with us!

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Social Media

Shift Your Mindset: Social Media for Business Vs. Personal Use

Social media is one piece that feeds into the other digital marketing components. Companies need to work to attract people, healthcare is no different. The best way to entice is to have something worthwhile to consume. Educating your community via social media can be an effective tool in generating new leads for your business.

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Digital Marketing for Healthcare

An online presence is important to grow a business, and maybe your current word-of-mouth contacts are good enough to sustain you for now. But, what happens when a global pandemic hits and your current referral sources can’t return your calls? Or less dramatically, what happens you’re ready to scale? This is where a digital marketing strategy is important.

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